Legacy - but not yet retired.

MOApp is a small Software Manufactory headquartered in Berlin, Germany.
We're focused on crafting very clean and easy to use software.

Software Manufactory


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Here you will find all my smaller apps, App Store only apps, older apps, and legacy apps.
They are, of course, supported, work just fine and are crafted with the same attention to detail like all my other, and more prominently promoted, software programs…

The cute long-term clipboard manager
» Clippings Website
» Clippings on the Mac App Store

The easy-to-use WordPress editor
» WPEdit Website
» WPEdit on the Mac App Store

Photo organizing made fun and easy
» Purchase myPhotos
» Download myPhotos

myTexts pro
The distraction-free tool for writers
» Purchase myTexts pro
» Download myTexts pro

The different notepad and outliner
» Purchase mySlips
» Download mySlips

The ultimate alarm and protection system
» myBookAlarm Website
» myBookAlarm on the Mac App Store

The tool for every designer and developer
» goldenRATIO Website
» goldenRATIO on the Mac App Store

The most simple wallet for your passwords
» Wallet Website
» Wallet on the Mac App Store

No distraction. Just text. Pure creativity.
» Download myTexts (5.5)
» Download myTexts (2.4)


Newer Apps: